Welcome to Covenant Branch Fellowship

Covenant Branch is an online Community of believers based out of Cougar, Washington.
We believe that we are redeemed by the blood of Yeshua the Messiah and that the Torah is still applicable to our lives today. We have a strong emphasis on discipleship, as this is what our Messiah modelled here on earth, commanding us to make disciples of all nations.
If you wish to know more about the discipleship that we're involved with, consider checking out The Donkey Stables.
Covenant Branch along with the wider international community that it is a part of, do not represent any particular religious denomination, movement or political alignment.

Founder - Jeff Githens

Jeff originally came to a Christian faith around 1980. From that time on, he continued to grow in his faith with both the Assemblies of God and Four Square denominations. In his late forties and early fifties, after roughly twenty-five years of walking in Christianity, the Father began to stir his spirit and caused him to re-evaluate his life and beliefs up until that point. It was during this time that the Father led Jeff to an understanding of “the front of the book” and his identity as a part of the "House of Israel". Later, Covenant Branch was formed, and Jeff was called to be a servant leader in it. Since then, Jeff's focus as been on the foundations of the faith, beginning back in Genesis.

Affiliate Ministries

The ministries listed on this page believe in the principles and value of True Biblical Discipleship.